2011 - 2020 has been designated the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity

While many of EAE’s regional depots are located in rural areas surrounded by outstanding and unspoiled natural beauty, our national storage and distribution centre at Loanhead is situated in a fairly typical 1970s, urban industrial estate with lots of concrete, lots of tarmac, very little green space and even less biodiversity.

In 2006, we approached the Biodiversity Officer of Midlothian Council for help in increasing the biodiversity in and around our Loanhead centre. With her help and the support of many others, including our client the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, we established a Biodiversity Garden at Loanhead.

Our staff have been actively involved in setting up and maintaining the Biodiversity Garden. They organise environmental workshops during working hours to plant trees and plants and build bird and bat boxes. They keep a log book recording birds and animals observed in the garden, and have created a picnic area where they can enjoy the fruits of their labours over lunch and tea breaks.

To date, over 50 indigenous Scottish plants have been recorded in the Biodiversity Garden and we have recently installed a new pond to attract further flora and wildlife.

Biodiversity makes the world a better place. At EAE, we try to enhance the biodiversity of our part of the world.

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