Carbon Management

Working towards carbon neutrality

EAE's Environment Strategy commits us to achieving carbon neutrality across all our operations by 2015

The Business Environment Partnership have provided us with independent baseline figures for our carbon emissions against which we can measure our performance and progress

Since 2009, we have reduced our emissions by over 60% through a variety of initiatives. Our emissions will be reduced further by our phased move towards a van fleet that is totally fuelled by bio-diesel and planned initiatives such as the installation of solar panels on the roof of our Loanhead warehouse.

In addition, we are working with Trees for Scotland to sponsor plantings that will offset any carbon emissions caused by extra distribution and merchandising activity as our business continues to grow. These trees will mainly be planted in and around Crieff in Perthshire's Big Tree Country.

For EAE, carbon neutrality not only makes environmental sense - it makes business sense too. Carbon neutrality helps us to save on our operating costs and we can pass these savings on to our clients through increasingly competitive rates for storage, distribution and merchandising services.

Carbon neutrality helps to save the planet. It also helps us to grow our business.