Environmental Strategy

Sustainability has always been core to EAE's operations

From the very outset, we have sought to minimise our impact on the environment and to operate in a responsible and conscious manner.

Our earliest initiatives included:

  • Producing our own promotional literature on 100% post-consumer waste paper.
  • Offering discounts to clients who use recycled paper for their leaflets and brochures.
  • Providing free recycling of surplus and out of date literature and other materials.

In 2005, we commissioned the Business Environment Partnership to carry out an extensive, independent environmental audit of our operations. This identified our annual carbon footprint and suggested ways in which we could significantly reduce it.

This audit led to us adopting a new Environmental Strategy that incorporated a Carbon Reduction Strategy and highlighted the Role of Biodiversity in our operations. This was updated to our current Environmental Policy in 2009.

Our Environmental Policy sets a core objective of achieving carbon neutrality across all our operations by 2015. Since 2009, we have reduced our carbon emissions by over 60% and we are introducing an on-going programme of new initiatives to achieve our carbon neutrality target.

Please explore this section of our website for practical examples of ways in which businesses can operate in a more sustainable manner.  

Download our Environmental Policy 2014 (PDF) for more info...

EAE's sustainable practices are highlighted in The Green Executive by Gareth Kane.
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