How to arrange print delivery to us

Please arrange to get your print to us by the deadlines

  • Deliveries are received during office hours only (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm).

  • We only confirm receipt of your print if specifically requested to do so. We will however inform you if we have not received your print by the relevant deadline.

  • If you are shipping your print from overseas, the British Government may charge you Import Tax and/or Value Added Tax (VAT) on the value of your shipment. EAE cannot cover these charges and are unable to accept the print if the tax is not paid prior to delivery. Please contact your shipping agent for up to date information. It is advisable to write on your packages:- "PRINTED PAPERS - NO COMMERCIAL VALUE".

How to contact EAE

Edgefield Industrial Estate
EH20 9TB
United Kingdom

Tel: 0131 440 9444
Fax: 0131 440 3388