Poster Display

Posters are a proven and highly visible way to reach locals and visitors alike

EAE provide poster displays for hundred of clients promoting everything from major international concerts and exhibitions to local gala days and public health campaigns.

We work in partnership with theatres, cinemas, pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, night clubs and public buildings throughout Scotland. We manage dedicated poster walls and framed poster displays in thousands of venues across the country. As an example, we have over 500 poster sites in the Glasgow area alone and a further 700 sites within 50 miles of our largest city.

We have dedicated Poster Teams in key areas who maintain sites on a regular basis replacing any torn or damaged displays. All of our displays are managed with the total agreement and permission of each host venue and we can display all poster sizes including A2, A3 and A4.
You decide the audience you want to target and we will ensure your posters are displayed in the most appropriate venues in your local area or nationwide.

Download a pdf with further details of Poster Display.