Recycling & Waste Management

Recycling and waste management are key to our sustainable operations

From our very first day as a business, we have sought to maximise our own recycling and to encourage our clients to do the same.

We have always produced our own promotional print materials on recycled post-consumer waste paper. As an example, “The Target”, our twice-yearly newsletter is produced on 100% waste paper using vegetable based inks for a Totally Chlorine Free production process.

We have always offered discounts to clients who use recycled paper for their leaflets and brochures. The level of these discounts has increased substantially over the years.

We provide clients with free recycling of surplus and out of date literature, and have expanded these services to offer free pick up of cardboard and plastics in many parts of Scotland where we can use empty delivery vans returning to base.

We have installed compressed-air operated paper and cardboard balers at our Loanhead storage and distribution centre in order to compact waste materials before selling them on to specialist recycling companies.

Our staff are enthusiastic recyclers. As a result of their ideas and suggestions, we now recycle 100% of all office paper; have reduced our paper usage by 35%; and recycle 97% of all our waste by providing separate bins and caddies for staff to recycle plastic bottles, drink cans, food tins, domestic batteries etc. We also compost kitchen waste from our staff rooms to support our Biodiversity Garden.

Recycling makes economic and environmental sense. At EAE, it is a way of life.