Renewable Energy

Energy costs money and wasted energy wastes money

At EAE, we are keen to keep our energy bills to a minimum, for both environmental and financial reasons.

We have taken a number of steps to reduce and manage our energy usage, including the following.

  • Our national storage and distribution centres at Loanhead and Kintore use low energy lighting and ambient gas warehouse heating that have reduced our energy costs by over 30%. (In addition, tap flow restrictions and toilet cistern hippos have minimised our water wastage and cut our water costs by almost 20%).
  • Our Kintore storage and distribution centre incorporates a zonal temperature control system and insulation that is 200% above building standard requirements.
  • In 2007, we installed Windy Boy, a 15 metre wind turbine, at our Loanhead storage and distribution centre. This now supplies up to 50% of Loanhead’s electricity requirements and powers the Electric Green Leaflet Machine, Scotland’s first electric leaflet delivery van.
  • We buy electricity from Good Energy, the UK’s only supplier of 100% renewable electricity. (In addition, our telecoms supplier, Dial Green, is a carbon neutral telecommunications company).
  • We plan to install a 21.6 kW Solar PV array on our warehouse roof at Loanhead to complement the renewable energy created by Windy Boy. We hope to commence this project before the end of 2012.

Everyone hates waste. At EAE, we have reduced our energy wastage and energy costs.