Renewable Transport

Distributing millions of leaflets and posters could result in a lot of carbon emissions

At EAE, our distribution services generate the greatest majority of our carbon emissions. This is the downside of having to use vans for deliveries and distribution across most parts of Scotland.

We have sought to minimise the environmental impacts of our distribution services in a number of ways.

  • All our drivers undertake eco-driving training courses to minimise their use of fuel and reduce their carbon emissions. We estimate this training reduces our emissions by up to 15% p/a (and results in lower van maintenance costs).
  • Satellite tracking software is installed in all our vans to help drivers find the shortest routes and cut journey times to our 5,000 display sites.
  • Our network of regional depots reduces the number of van journeys to and from our two national storage and distribution centres. We save 80 van journeys and over 4,000 miles of travel every month through our regional depots.
  • In Edinburgh, our van drivers are supplemented by Cycle Teams who distribute to busy city centre display sites by bicycle during August. This is quicker, cheaper and more sustainable, particularly given Edinburgh's often congested roads.
  • In 2010, we launched the Electric Green Leaflet Machine, Scotland's first electric leaflet delivery van, which we use in the Edinburgh area. The Electric Green Leaflet Machine has a range of 28 miles and replaces a diesel van, cutting our carbon emissions by over five tonnes each year,
  • In 2011, we took delivery of seven B30 Citroen Relay vans that run on bio-diesel made from recycled cooking oil collected from fast food takeaways across Central Scotland. This fuel has 30% less diesel than normal fuels and these vans reduce our overall carbon emissions by 39%.
  • In 2012, we are purchasing a further ten B30 bio-diesel vans from Citroen UK and plan to replace all our van fleet with these vehicles by 2014. We have installed a 5,000 litre capacity B30 bio-diesel fuel tank at our Loanhead centre and these new bio-diesel vans will reduce our remaining carbon emissions by over 50%.

Carbon pollution is an unpleasant output of motorised transport but, at EAE, we show it can be minimised while retaining fast, efficient and sustainable distribution services.