Top Print & Design Tips

How can you maximise the impact of your print?
Over the years, staff at EAE have gained valuable insights into what makes a successful piece of print. Here are our Top Tips that could save you time and money and make your print work that bit harder for you.

1 Grab Their Attention
You need to stand out on busy display racks. Use the top third of your leaflet for impact. This is the first part of your print that people will see in a display rack. Make sure it grabs attention.
2 Avoid the flop factor
Use a good weight of paper so your leaflet doesn’t sag in the display racks and look untidy and unattractive. Go for at least 150gsm (grams per square metre) paper to be on the safe side. Also discuss using recycled paper with your printer. Most paper today is recycled to some extent, but it’s worth checking on this and asking for "recycled post-consumer waste paper"
3 Size does matter
Third-A4 leaflets folded down from A3 or A4, or A5 leaflets folded down from A4 are the most popular sizes with the public as they are easily handled and fit into pockets, handbags etc. Most display racks are designed to accommodate third-A4 and A5 print. Be wary of using other sizes.
4 Handle with care
A top tip from our warehouse team - please advise your printer to package and deliver your print in secure bundles and strong, standard-sized boxes. This protects your print throughout the various stages of transportation, warehousing and distribution. Further information is available in our pallet spec document.
5 Visual Access
Make your print visually accessible with these handy tips:-
  1. Use Arial font
  2. Left align your text
  3. Use a minimum 14 point font size
  4. Avoid using red and green colours

Please feel free to call us if you need any further advice.